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Whether you hunt the open grass plains, rocky hilltops or dense bushveld, you need a blade that can assist you with the hunt.

Our Jaglem is easy to carry due to it's light weight and flexible leather sheath belt strap. Made from the same high quality 1070 carbon steel to last, keep it's cutting edge for longer and not shy away from the wet work required once you've accomplished your prize at the end of a stalk.

The ergonomic thumb spot helps to grip and slide through harsh hide with it's long cutting edge while the thick blade top stops perforation.

We believe it's the ultimate hunting companion because traditional rip hooks get stuck more often than not and is a lot harder to sharpen effectively. 

Cleaning is easy with warm soapy water and longevity is achieved with a little drop of our Blade Oil.

Dimensions: L 22.5cm x W 3.1cm x H 1.8cm
Cutting Edge: Approx 10.5cm
Weight: 125g
Weight with Sheath: 200g