Our GrootCecil blades are made from a hardened high carbon steel that naturally forms a patina when used. It won't damage or dull the blade. After some use you can expect the blade to start forming marks or blemishes. This is a natural occurrence and a patina will form over time.


Polishing blemishes

Polishing with fine sandpaper (600 grit or higher) or steel wool will take care of any blemish. Remember to first dip your blade or sandpaper in water before polishing.

We've attached a link that offers some more insight and tips: https://knifewear.com/blogs/knife-knowledge-101/114107716-how-can-i-stop-my-carbon-steel-knife-from-rusting

After use care

Wash your blade in warm soapy water.

Dry thoroughly after washing and use a small amount of blade oil on the entire blade. (Vegetable oil also does the trick).

Never wash your blade in a dishwasher.


You can sharpen your blade with any knife sharpener you choose. Lansky has a wide range of sharpening products available.

YouTube has a range of great sharpening video's if you need any tips. We recommend this video by the Essential Craftsman: https://youtu.be/-I004etmBMc

care for your blade to enhance it's life 


Written by Etienne Marais

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